The Company

Spartan Cars 1973-1995

The Spartan was the idea of Jim McIntyre who produced the first Spartan kit in 1973. This was based on the Triumph Herald or Vitesse and used the Triumph chassis. Later, Spartan produced their own chassis to allow different axles to be fitted and allow development of the longer 'Plus Two' model.

When the Triumph Herald ceased to be produced, Spartan developed a new roadster kit which would now be based on the Ford Cortina Mk3-5.

In 1995 the Spartan Factory ceased to trade.

During those 22 years Jim developed several other kits starting with the Sherwood Estate/Pickup, and the Starcraft Camper both of which were based on the Cortina. The factory was based in several locations in Nottinghamshire.

From 1991 onwards Steve Beardsall, who had been Jim's floor manager for many years, took over the company and produced the Treka which was based on the Ford Fiesta.

Spartan are estimated to have produced around 4000 kits, primarily Triumph and Ford based roadsters.

Many of the older kits are now being bought and re-built by a new generation of Spartan owners.